What Is Event Photography?

Event Photography is fundamentally different from wedding or portrait work. 

The results of Event Photography are candid, snapshot-style “party pix.”

All photographs will be taken with natural light and or a basic / extended camera flash. 


Why Gholston Photography for Your Event?

1. To document the event for a client (if you are running the event as a brand marketing, communications, and are providing

     photographs as part of your contract).

2. To generate visual content for a range of media such as internal newsletters, websites, external publications, annual reports, etc.

3. To provide photos as gifts to your guests (usually this entails a meet-and-greet set-up where the guests enter and are

    photographed in singles,  couples or groups in front of a branded backdrop).

4. Perhaps an additional reason as well: an event photographer adds excitement to your event and if done well by a professional event

    photographer, can serve to create moments and not simply document those that naturally arise in the mix of well-dressed beautiful

    people,  in high-end event settings.

5. There is quite a difference between amateur and professional "snapshots".  A small example is that there is no time delay between

    pressing the “button” and snapping the photo as most home-quality cameras experience.

6. When you hire a pro, you're not just hiring a person with a more expensive camera than your Uncle Fred.

     You are hiring someone who knows how to make you (or whatever the subject is) look awesome, using an artistic eye, an ability

     to put the  subject at ease, and the technical skill to give you a riveting image that everyone will notice.


Local Event Photography fee  starts at $300.00.   

Photo booths are “optional” for an additional rate of $150.00 per booth.

   You're hiring someone who can take your vision of yourself (or of the subject you want shot), and mold it into something eye-catching, truthful, and new. Free yourself to be the host or hostess and be secure that Gholston Photography will capture all the significant moments of your event.


Event Photography rates do not apply to Wedding Ceremonies